Figurative Sculpture



the persona of earth itself

Gaia Minerva
Rivers and Hills
Taking Flight
Gaias Daughters
Waiting for the End of Time (Detail)
Joyful Abundance
Contemplating Flight
Dancing the Rapids
Gaia Aborea
Seed (Gaia Cycle #1)
Raw Material
Wind, Water, Stone
Gaia Oceana
Gaia Beleagured
Northern Lights
?Me Vas A Pedir Un Milagro Ahora?
Gaia Molten
Gaia of the Waters
Gaia of the Rock
Gaia Abundant
The Gift
Gaia Healer
Gaia Emergent
Birth of Gaia

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© 2016 by Becca Lemon Fine Art

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Raw Material

This piece refers to the earliest period in our earth’s cycle of life. In it I imagine Gaia contemplating the newly formed earth, holding the raw material of life in her hand. The Ouroboros armband she wears is in reference to an ancient symbol of the cyclic nature of the universe. The Ouroboros eats its own tail to sustain its life, in an eternal cycle of renewal. Glazed stoneware with under-glazes and copper leaf. 20.25" x 9.5" x 17" and base $7000